Thursday, 7 October 2010


on the occasion of the approval by the European Parliament
of the proposal to lift visas for the citizens of Albania

Dear fellow citizens,

Brothers and sisters,

Dear aunts, in-laws, uncles, granddaughters, nieces and nephews,

Dear cousins, second-grade cousins, grandmothers and –fathers of the nation,

Dear family relations in general,

Dear neighbours and friends, 

Dear fellow Albanians living happily abroad,

Allow me first of all to express my great joy and thank the European Parliament for their historic decision, which opens the way to our free movement, to this broad and profound aspiration of the Albanian people who cherish freestyle as much as they do their representative institutions. Now we can move the way we want. We can move up, we can move down, we can move to the left, we can shmoove to the right, we can do the mambo, we can do the twist, we can do the lambada, we can wrap ourselves around our necks in a fashionable breakdance and do away with our wrists and nobody at the Schengen embassies will care.

As we have all witnessed, for many months now the political rhetoric is being dominated by accusations and counteraccusation exchanged between politicians, public officials and the media. They are all scumbags. We all know that, and we know living here is unbearable, but look: now we can beat it! 

In these circumstances, in my responsibility as President of the Republic, I express my carelessnes about this situation, and I ask and I beg you to look around and to set about finding rapid, transparent, and reliable solutions to it. I would welcome any proposal that encourages a swift and safe passage over the Adriatic, and  expresses the will for a real co-operation with the travel agencies from all around the world.

Love to all and hasta la vista my babies!


8 Komente

Love to all and hasta la vista my babies!

Ene vazhdon: Yours truly, the Bamir-nator! smiley

Dowell Ball.

It's almost funny.

P.S. I  am sure we'll once more hear about all the things that visa liberalization does not do for us, like it doesn't give us wings or pu$$y.

Me nje llaf, tek sheshi tek sheshi me breke pe leshi.

Po ku je a shejtan?

....... and again,>>

Get ready for a brand new journey, tell all your cousins and all the others to get out of Greece and yxhym in Europe.... the Europe is waiting for us they know how much we love them and of course we know "how much they love us" smiley>>

Go baby go.... give them a great hug and lots of kisses, if they refuse to do so you can tackle them down and kiss them anyway....  >>

Go baby go because I want you to do so.... it'll only going to be me here, axha Sali and baby Edi everyone else will fly overnight in Europe.... You have no idea how happy I am, that finally we will be alone because I can stand your wining anymore..... >>

Good luck and get the fuck out of here...... smiley >>


I say hello and thanks to Tanya Fajon and to all east european females who so much wanted albanian men inside europe.

Yours sincerely

President Welldone Ball

President Welldone Ball

President DoGood Canon. smiley

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