Nga Emily Dickinson I’m nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too? Then there’s a pair of us – don’t tell! They’d advertise – you know! How dreary to be somebody! How public like a frog To tell one’s name the livelong day To an admiring bog! Filed under: Lart & Poshtë

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I lost a World -- the other day!

Has anybody found?

You'll know it by the Row of Stars

Around its forehead bound.


A Rich man - might not notice it --

Yet -- to my frugal Eye

of more Esteem than Ducats --

oh find it -- Sir -- for me!

Come Slowly—Eden

By Emily Dickinson

Come slowly—Eden
Lips unused to TheeBashful—sip thy Jessamines
As the fainting Bee.
Reaching late his flower,
Round her chamber humsCounts his nectars
Enters—and is lost in Balms.

vdes per kete!

I never lost as much but twice


I never lost as much but twice,
And that was in the sod.
Twice have I stood a beggar
Before the door of God!

Angels—twice descending
Reimbursed my store—
Burglar! Banker—Father!
I am poor once more!

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