Let me say this right off the bat: I have great respect for anyone who can work boobs into a comedy and make it funny. And Roland Uruci does exactly that in his play “Invitation to a marriage; It has all been arranged”. I for one was very impressed. Jokes aside, the comedy makes for [...]

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 "i for onCe..." you mean. smiley

also, i don't know about that play ("invitation to a marriage&quotsmiley, you can't be invited to a marriage unless you're one of the people(couple) that are being married. so people get invited to weddings while partners invite each-other into marriage (by proposing, etc). but that may be exactly what he means; i don't know. smiley

and i am not very fond of: "it has all been..."; it has... all been... yeah, not very fond of it. not a good flow.

i'd expect a far better english from someone who writes so frequently.

i may be completely wrong though.

It's a shame we're not as organised here in the UK! It would be nice to go and see such a play, even if the grammar is all wrong.

why, do you need to be organized??? i mean, why do you need to be organized to go and see this play? smiley

Because, my dear Zotrules, in order to get the most out of life one needs to manage his time effectively and improve your quality of life. You can then include such activities in your daily routine. With organisation, the Albanian community in the UK would improve and start to arrange such events and will no longer rely entirely on "Albanian nights out" with awful taste of gypsy music and one or two fights over girls.

p.s. Perhaps I'm rather an OCD freak...but it's just my opinion smiley 

first off. you. especially you. are not an ocd freak. you know why i say that. smiley

you are right on organizing and stuff like that.

question: who needs to improve my quality of life? smiley

PS: you know that most of that behavior is owed to lack of education and poor cultural formation. right? getting together could then mean more fights and awful-taste gypsy music; awful grooming, awful dress code... like in most events. which i refuse to attend to.

E mira s'ka fund smiley - but it's important to be in a happy place with yourself smiley 

& as always, you're right smiley 

there again... my questions unanswered...

i should learn a couple of things... they could prove useful now and then.

I've already been told off once for posting out of context here and I am trying hard not to repeat my mistakes. smiley

Besides, attending one or two of these gatherings could teach you a thing or two as you're much more open-minded than me smiley


they may have had some complaints then... this time, it's all my bad. i dragged you. sorry. smiley

PS: i don't want to attend. and i think you know why.

kur them une, qe vetem lajmerime te koncerteve te Ylli Bakes shoh te perfshihet komuniteti yne ketu ne Londer...

Ndoshta na kendon e Cili tani qe ka ardh te princi i kalter...

Do te me pelqente te vinte edhe ketu dicka e tille

 Nje falenderim t'modh cunave qe mbajne ne kembe Producers' Club n'mes t'Manhatanit dhe qe e mbajne deren hap, m'duket pa leke per cdo shqiptar qe do me organizu dicka!

Kam qene shume here, dhe gjithmone jam knaq! 

M'pelqen shume se as nuk tunnin flamur, as nuk t'cajne bythen me llafe t'm'dhoja per diaspore, lesh presh. 

Punojne per ne shqiptaret e NYC-it si milingona, pa u nni! 



Blete dhe theater critic, or as our albo brothers nga krahina tjeter do thoshin, kritizerja teatrike. smiley

Sounds good, good job te gjitheve. Now if only some kind soul would put the video on youtube. smiley

Xhib smiley

Hey, sorry about the bad writing quality. I was rushing last night.

But "Invitation to a marriage" is the true title of the play so you can blame the author for that smiley

This was really worth it. I am happy I saw it.

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